3RD Exotic Op-amp for iBasso D10 OPA633

My 3rd exotic Op-Amp for iBasso D10 amplifier — OPA633

This is the little brother of BUF634 — at one time it is OPA634
It have a higher bandwidth 260Mz compared to max buf634 of 180Mhz
Faster at 2500v/us compared to Buf634 2000v/us
But it is not as powerful 100mA output current compared to 250mA
It draws a higher current than BUF634 as well but not much.

The Pin out of OPA633 is unconventional, It is not the same as any other op-amp. And hence we need to bend the pins. By inverting the 4 connected pin it would fit nicely into the D10 without even soldering. Show in the picture are 2 simple modification and 2 with supply caps and double bypass.

How does it sound (compared to BUF634), It is more detailed, more air around the instrument and vocal but and slightly brighter. Pair better with my UM3X. But for my HD595 I prefer the BUF634.

There is a however very slight hiss on opa633.


2 responses to “3RD Exotic Op-amp for iBasso D10 OPA633

  1. Hi,

    I have got the D10 as well. I was trying to put the opa633 into. Do I just bent the pin 1,4,5,8 and inset them into the DIP8 socket and will that work?

    • It something like what you mention, just make sure that the Ground goes to ground and the Vcc goes to the Vcc.
      After turning the OP-AMP around it could get confusing.

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