The 1st of my Exotic series of mods

Buffers LME49600
This is the upgraded/clone of BUF637

Comes in TO220 style TO263.

This is build to be used mainly as buffers for headphone amps.
Gain is fixed at 1. So it would be very difficult to use for any other application.

This OP-AMP comes in 2 mode, BW at 110Mhz (Normal bandwidth) or 180Mhz (Wide Bandwidth fast mode). Initially I wanted a jumper so that I could easily switch between the 2 modes but due to the lack of space. I made 2 pair, One in each mode.

Doing a AB test with the EL8201, this sounded much more confident and open up the sound stage, The biggest and widest I heard. More body to mid as well. unfortunately it is slightly brighter but quicker as well.

However hard I tried, I have not found a way to fit this in the casing.

I just realize that I have yet to optimized the LME49600 fully for the D10, I only connect one of the output to the D10, if I connect both the output the difference would be like going from the single bypass buffers to the double bypass buffers. The sound impression given above was for Single buffer, Normal mode. For this one OP-AMP there are 4 option to fit it on the D10
1) Single output, Normal
2) double output, Normal
3) Single output, wide bandwidth
4) Double output, wide bandwidth

But judging from the experience of the Single bypass, double bypass testing. the 2 real option should be the both double output ones.

EeeeeeRrrrrrr…… while writing this I realize there are another option. use 4 LME49600 as buffers.
2 for the left side and 2 for the right side. But this would be an overkill, D10 only have a voltage of about 4.5volts. Is there a need or ability to drive that much current with 4.5V. But this is Hi-Fi you never know.


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