741 OP-amp

While Sorting out my old Component box, I found 2 nos of 741 Op-Amp.

Wounder why I got them there. I plug 2 of them into my Socket-ed Brown dog and then into the LR of the D10.

Guess what — It worked !!!

How it sound ? — Devoid of highs, Devoid of low, lifeless mid. But hey it worked.

The 741 is THE op-amp that every other op-amp is based upon. The Greatest Grand Daddy of them all. Fit for a museum. For a very long time every engineering book about op-amp feature this. This is the Part which have the most offspring in silicon history, less the transistor.

Note that the 2 op-amp comes from different company, In the pass they shared part number which resulted in numerous compatibility problem. Like what John mention A 5534 from different company at different time sound different. Added with the ease of remark/cloning part numbers, All new op-amp have different part numbers even if they are spec likewise.


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