Blue LED on iBasso D10

My very first Bling Bling Mod on the D10

Blue LED

How does it sound ? It is just bluer, and more Beautiful
Tested with Bluer than Blue by Livingston Taylor, Chesky Records

Some may think that changing to blue LED would require more power and hence less battery life.  But that may not be the case, Taking a textbook LED implementation on 5V a 330Ohm resistor is connected in series with the LED. The turn one voltage for red LED is 1.7V for Yellow is 1.9 for Green is 2.1 and blue 3.1Volts So the effective current for Red LED is 10mA, for yellow it is 9.3mA for Green is 8.7mA and Blue is 5.7mA. Just changing from Yellow LED to blue LED would almost save half the power. Most of which is loss to the resistor. But I am not that power conscious. I reduce the resistor value so that the power consumption is almost the same, The blue LED is too dark if you just change it, without changing the resistor.


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