Using iBasso D10 as a Signal Generator

It is amazing how things have change over the years, I wounder if oscilloscope is going to be faced out of this world, as there are outboard probe connected to USB in the market. It certainly made my signal generator obsolete. I am currently using a software to generate different waveform to be fed. Maybe I need a more powerful amplifier. Well it seem my iBasso D10 would be able to fit the bill except that it have a capacitor at the output.  I like the ability to edit the waveform to any pattern I desire, this is something that a waveform generator will have difficulty following. Any electronic hobbies would seriously consider this as an alternatively  Signal Generator.  Just need to get a good software like Goldwave and you are ready to go.

Anyway my oscilloscope have been laying around for more than 8-10 years unused and it took me more than 30 minutes just to clean and remove all the accumulated dirt. I am surprise that it is still working.  I am force to used this to debug a faulty resistor on the Amplifier.

I wounder if there are any crazy animal other than me in this world who still have an oscilloscope at home.


One response to “Using iBasso D10 as a Signal Generator

  1. That must make 2 of us who are crazy animal, as I also have a scope, which I use from time to time when testing.

    It is, however, a battery powered portable unit, and not even dual-trace.

    It is useful in reading dBm, RMS, etc. Moreso even than reading waveforms.

    Very nice catch of D10 resistor error!!!

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