Ibasso D10 First Mod

I just bought this amplifier 4 days ago upon discovering a bad resistor decided to OPEN this amp with the first soldering mod.

A am really force to modding this at a very early stage. Ideally I would have like a few more days or maybe week reading and understanding the circuit before any modification. I like to procrastinate and dream about every mod.

The following mod is what I would like to have done at this stage

1) Change the to Output bypass capacitor to MKP, But I do not have the required parts at home.

2) Change 2 of the resistors to Vishay-dale connecting Pin 2 and pin 6 of the LR Amplifier to ground.

The 2 feedback resistors are already using Vishay-Dale and I would like the input resistor to match that as well.

3) Change the 2 Input coupling capacitor to something else.  This would be hard to source as I could only place the cap on this side of the board and I only have about 3 or 4mm thickness to play with.

I end up only being able to have sufficient parts at home for the following mods

A) This 2 capacitors is to help the frequency response of the input DC coupling capacitors. I have wima at home but it just could not fit here.

B and D ) Power supply decoupling. This help reduce the RF interference and is quite effective especially for blocking mobile phone  signal.

C) what I could make do at home with the Output DC blocking capacitor

E) This is to match the other resistors so that we could have a balance output when Gain is set to High.

So far the main benefits I hear from the above mods are better RF interference – this is very obvious

Better clarity at the high end. I would not hear the whistle of Jennifer Warnes’s Lights of Louisianne which is not present before the mod. The mid is more mellow as well.

I am still using the original Op-Amp and have yet to roll, I have gather enough information for Op amp selection.


2 responses to “Ibasso D10 First Mod

  1. Hi, I’m really eager to try this mod too, but I have absolutely no idea what parts to get (I am by no means a electrical engineer or anything remotely close to it..)
    Can you give me the part names and values?

  2. It would be appreciate if you could please give me th value of cap that you have used them.

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