BenchMark of X9000

This is the numbers I am getting for Vista SP1 with the X9000 I am only getting 0.1 better in CPU than the T9500. So the speed boost from stock SZ55 to current is an additional 1G hz in processing power, with an additional. support for SSE4.1 and also an additional 4M of CPU cache. The jump in speed for the system is definitely noticeable. and it is a pain reverting back to the slower T7100. But do not get me wrong the T7100 is a fast processor as well, just that the X9000 (not overclock) is much faster. System is currently highly responsive.


For Wprime 1.6 there is a huge improvement.


The improvement is also relatively good for PCMark05 Overall score is 6126


The number show that there is an improvement in number under benchmark. During usage speed wise there is hardly any noticeable difference in terms of speed. between the 2 processor. And most likely you would be asking why did I upgrade from a T9500 to a X9000. Well the truth is that. The first CPU I got is a T9500 Q4GG stepping 4 version of the CPU whereas the X9000 is a Q174 stepping 6 of the CPU. During my week of testing with the stepping 4 of the CPU I found certain weakness about the stepping 4 that prompted me to sell it and get a stepping 6 which is identical to the retail version.


2 responses to “BenchMark of X9000

  1. I’m sorry to say mate that a wPrime 32M score of 46+ seconds is pants for a CPU of that class.

    I running a T8300 [2.4GHz L2 cache 3MB] and I got 35.156 seconds.

    You can see why I removed Vista and put XP Pro 64 bit on now, eh?

  2. Am running win 7x 64 with t8300 and i got 32.908 seconds..why you get 46..?

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