Upgrading of CPU to T9500

I got my T9500 early in mid March, I was really disappointed that the CPU did not work on my laptop. Here I have sitting with a really expensive paper weight, Tested on a friend computer, The chip is working so I have an computer that just would not run with this. Tried many configuration that just did not work. Windows would give me a BSOD after loading just refuse to go into windows mode or some say enhance 386 mode. I could boot to DOS but that is it. So I know the CPU is working fine just some BIOS. Really sad to be sitting with a working CPU and working laptop but the 2 just wound not talk. Search everywhere no luck.

On 13 April, I woke up early in the morning, with something telling me that Sony have release a new BIOS, and quickly I went to Sony’s site and I could not believe my eyes –New Bios release–version R0122S5, and the best news is that it is the same Bios as SZ7x which means it support Penryn CPU. I was monitoring the newer laptop for Bios as well.

I quickly updated the Bios and swap CPU. Vista sounded, I have a Boot. What a sunny Sunday.

T9500 vs T7100

Note the colour of the 2 CPU at the top Penryn CPU is often called the golden top CPU. This is at least what the Chinese in China called them. Really amazing details that describe the different CPU.

It was really lucky that I got the BIOS on this day as I was contemplating buying a T7800 or an X7900. The T7800 is 200MHz slower but is rated at 34W while the X7900 is rated at 44W. I already contacted the seller and got all the info for placing an order. The SZ series comes with a tiny heat pipe as you can see in this picture. So I have doubt that the X7900 would run comfortably in this computer.

SZ heatPipe

Sony must have design the computer with people changing the CPU in mind. Just 4 screw and you have access to the CPU plus heat pipe. HAHAHA

Heat Pipe cover

The heat Pipe is secure with 2 screws at the CPU end, unlock those 2 and the heat pipe could be easily removed.

CPU socket

The CPU even comes socketed, unlike the MacBook, MacBook pro or even Air which is really a pain to people who like to upgrade. Turn the black knob and the CPU could easily be removed, In the olden days these ZIF socket sometimes cost more than the CPU itself.

I have since Upgraded to the X9000 2.8G 6M Cache



One response to “Upgrading of CPU to T9500

  1. Hi where can i buy laptop cpu???

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