Wireless Module ABG only ?

It is really a surprise when the motherboard of this laptop is an 965 series chipset while the Wifi network card that comes with it is only ABG, But as you could see from the image, it is an plug in card and an easy target for upgrading to something that support the N network.


This is definably something that I would think of upgrading when my home and office upgrade the network to N supported. As currently most  coffee joint, hotel and outdoor places are still on G.

I could plug in an Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN, But have to note that I will be short of one antenna. Finding an antenna to plug in is the easy part, Placing it in such a manner that the antenna are at the correct distance apart is the difficult one.

For the cost of the Intel module maybe an USB card with wireless N support would be better. But would have to waste a precious USB port. I do not think I would get the full benefit of the 4965AGN if I use it with 3 antenna So maybe this upgrade would be passed on.

Anyone who have upgraded their wireless card on their laptop do let me know if you have done a benchmark to see the improvement, it would definitely be interesting to note.


One response to “Wireless Module ABG only ?

  1. I have the 4965AGN, and I have to tell you – in 4 months I HAVE YET TO SEE AN ‘N’ STANDARD NETWORK!

    Surprising? It should be, I live in the very center of Copenhagen, and networks are EVERYWHERE.

    So I wouldn’t bother with the upgrade mate.

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