Ready Boost on Vista

There have been many article with benchmark being written about Vista new feature ReadyBoost and I decided to give it a try and see if it is effective. The Laptop I am using have a few places/slot where I could add in Flash devices to enable ReadyBoost. Most of the Flash devices that I have did not meet the minimum spec to enable ReadyBoost.

It is a well know fact that ReadyBoost is a performance boost for system with 512M or Less of memory and performance benefits are little if any for system with 2G.

After trying different FLASH, I discovered that most of the  earlier devices fail to meet the spec. I got a 4G flash from TOSHIBA which is advertise as ReadyBoost Ready.

Comparing with a 1G Memory Stick Pro Duo from Scandisk. The USB drive from Toshiba is about 4 times faster using benchmark tools like PC wizard 2008 While it is difficult to benchmark the improvement ReadyBoost bring. One thing for sure is when I delete or mark mail as Junk in Thunderbird, The system with ReadyBoost feels faster and smoother.

An item I noted was Windows Vista Experience index with ready boost. The Memory subscore was 4.8 before using Ready Boost and it jump to 5.6 when I used the Toshiba Tumb Drive. While using the Memory stick there is no improvement in score.


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